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Cherries (Bing)

Availability: November - February, June - August

Bing Cherries are known for being large, dark, firm, sweet and flavorful. The perfect treat.
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Dragon Fruit (Yellow)

Availability: Sporadic

Yellow Dragon Fruit is considered the sweetest of all the varieties. Each bite releases a rush of sugary, floral juice, with no acidic aftertaste. The fruit is soft and contains large, crunchy edible seeds, somewhat similar to a kiwi.
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Tomatoes (Cherry, Cabernet)

Availability: Year-round

A beautiful cherry tomato with deep wine coloration and rich crisp sweet fruit flavor… reminiscent of a fine wine with a wonderful smooth finish.
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Market  Update 1/21/18

Blood Oranges

Get saucy
with 'um!


Kishu Mandarins
Red Baby Beets
Red Walnuts

The Melissa's Food Service Team sources the finest fresh ingredients available from around the world and the U.S., including  several local farmers' markets in the Southern California area.

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Jan 21, Nation's Restaurant News
Food service industry national news.
Jan 21, FOOD NETWORK looking for CHEFS to compete on CHOPPED -- apply HERE
Seeking dynamic, outgoing, experienced chefs ...

Jan 28 LIVE radio: Chef Jamie Gwen discusses Melissa's Farm Fresh Produce Pick of the Week!



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